Autumn in LA

It's real. 

Anyone who tells you we don't have weather is not speaking the truth. If you walk in this city, or take a long look while waiting at the shadows outside, you will see it. It's not hiding either, it's just a fact that the earth tilts. You know... the whole planet. And this is felt by everyone the globe over, in some small or enormous way. 

Autumn arrived and continues, and my wounds just keep finding new ways to bleed. Healing scars are fresh and tender to the touch, I am a feral animal who can't be brushed up to by anyone. Painting stopped because distraction was high, and on purpose, and stopping to look was more painful then constantly doing things. But I'm not a kinetic relaxer, I'm a relaxer relaxer. So I relax. 

It's not all gloomy. There is playfulness and caring and joy. I like the fall season, however, because the gloom is more "allowed" and so is mourning. Also the shadows, they have more purple and ultramarine. Shadows are longer and the days get shorter. This realm comforts me, though it holds uncertainty at every turn. 

Autumn is geared toward contemplation, and now that Gothtober 2021 is completed, I can turn to the drying leaves and the rousing wind and walk unhurried, unhindered, with the dog. Keep a lookout for new paintings, new ornaments, new products, I am stirring.