I Spy July

Ohhh, well... I'm slackin' on putting new paintings up, it's been a flurry of activity at the house. This month has been all about HOUSE CHORES, so many, from cleaning to purging, organizing, it's just a nonstop home-oriented process. 

This was the plan, after all that traveling in June, to come back to the roost and set it up for the last quarter of the year. Also I got a dog. Her name is Frijol. She might be part great dane, according to the vet. Currently 53 lbs, this dog might keep growing, only time will tell. She provides distracting antics and high quality camaraderie. 

Painting is harder right now, it's not coming easy, but that's art. It ebbs and flows. Updates will happen... but I'm kind of laying low, haven't advertised or bugged anyone about my work for months. It's gonna pick up though... I can feel it.