May Gray

Welcome to May!

The last of the April paintings are now up.
At the typing of this post, three brand new pieces have been added to what is the beginning of the 2021 May painting collection. 

Observations in Fauna

Night time in the neighborhood this month brings Mockingbirds.They begin chortling with exuberance around 10pm and go until oh... 3:45am or so when other birds start greeting the day. I go to sleep trying to count how many unique calls a mockingbird knows, I always fall asleep counting. A mockingbird can learn up to 200 songs in its lifetime. 

It's also baby skunk season. I watched 4 altogether, tails twirling, digging into the dirt in broad daylight like baby skunks do. A group of skunks is called a surfeit, they appear to have dug a burrow under some backyard bricks. This might stink things up for the future, I'll just watch and see. 

This afternoon a red-tailed hawk may or may not have noticed the totally freaked out small bird trying to avoid it. I heard the hawk call about three times. A hawk is loudest when it's protecting its nest, so maybe some little baby hawks will arrive in the future. 

There's a lot going on in this head and heart o' mine, as of late. I'm doing my best to be a head on a neck. Taking notice of birds and stuff is one way of sifting through the matmos-like swirls twirling through my gray matter.

It's no matter, the colors speak for themselves on the paper they're put.