May Gray, June Gloom, July Deep Fry Summer Fly

It’s been a minute. It’s been awhile. 
It’s been months of figuring stuff out and revising my life into something that makes sense. There was turbulence in the fall, a dear friend had a terrible accident and she’s adjusting and building her life back and gee whiz. We just look at each other knowing that 2022 was the year BOTH of us almost died. 
Such a weird feeling. 
But we somehow got a holiday show done, and we’re going strong, or going, at least. Simple pleasures, things like roasted tomatoes and iced coffee and watching little kids play in water, and singing harmonies with people I love: stuff like that is key. 
And just… thank god for therapy. Lots and lots of therapy. 
PTSD is complicated, except when it’s not. 
Been enjoying meditation a whole lot, and iced coffee, and painting things. 
Savoring every last bit, reveling in couch cushion textures and the way wind makes sagging power lines sway. Boring stuff is even great. 
Gimme that mundane summer feeling, I’m so happy to have it.