WomenX Virtual Art Gallery Night!

Wednesday • March 31, 2020 at 7 pm EST 

It's a virtual gallery meet-and-greet of all the artists who contributed to the WomenX 2021 Calendar!
I made a piece about Hetty Green for the month of March, see above. Hetty Green was known as "The Witch of Finance" Here's a little snippet from Wikipedia: 

The City of New York came to Green for loans to keep the city afloat on several occasions, most particularly during the Panic of 1907; she wrote a check for $1.1 million and took her payment in short-term revenue bonds. 

Come meet some of the other artists, we each have presentations of our current work and what inspires us. Here is their invitation, do drop in if you're able! 

WomenX is a learning community where students gather to learn from experts and educators. 

Join us for a celebration of the women artists who made our 2021 first annual WomenX Women’s History Calendar possible. Our virtual art exhibit will open with live music and offer a chance for you to meet & greet these talented artists while checking out their latest work. We invite you to come meet our community!